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Gencor™ and its worldwide partners supply branded, innovative, clinically researched botanical ingredients designed to support the changing consumer health needs through all stages of life. Rooted in 6,000 years of Ayurvedic tradition, Gencor’s high-quality, potent, GRAS ingredients and herbs go through rigorous scientific analysis and are manufactured in GMP-certified conditions. Gencor’s growing portfolio of healthy aging products include:

• Testofen® (men’s health/active nutrition support)
• Libifem® (women’s health support)
• HydroCurc® (bioavailable curcuminoids)
• ActivAMP® (weight management support)
• Slimaluma® (appetite suppression)
• Gencinia® (healthy blood sugar regulation)
• Genopause® (post-menopausal support)

Pharmako Biotechnologies specializes in lipid-based delivery systems.
In Sydney, we develop and manufacture customized formulations providing improved functionality and enhanced bioavailability.
These improve customers products:
• Producing more efficacious products and medicines
• Improving better consumer compliance
• Reduced costs – leading to better access to nutrients / medicines
• Reduced dosages – more ecological use of resources

Pharmako Biotechnologies were recognized as Start-Up company of the Year in both the NutraIngredient Awards and NutraIngredients Asia Awards during 2018. HydroCurc® won Botanical Product of the Year in the NutraIngredients Asia Awards. Pharmako was also named Complementary Medicines Australia Raw Material Supplier of the Year in 2018.

Pharmako formulations are supported by human clinical and pharmacokinetic studies.

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