Professor Clive Prestidge

Professor of Pharmaceutical Science, University of South Australia

Clive leads an internationally recognised research group focusing on Nanostructure and Drug Delivery.  He has an extensive track record in the development of nano-biomaterials for outcomes in Health and Medicine.  His research currently focuses on hybrid nanomaterials for oral drug/nutraceutical delivery and anti-obesity, oral chemotherapy and nanocarriers to overcome bacteria in biofilms.  He has wide ranging and productive national and international collaborations and consults/collaborates with leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  He has supervised around 30 PhD students, and authored over 200 international journal articles, 100 international conference papers and 100 major project reports to industry.  He is an inventor of a number of technologies and has been extensively involved in patenting, licencing, spin off companies and partnering with industry to advance these technologies.

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