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The first NutraIngredients Omega-3 summit will bring together the biggest names from the global omega-3 community, spanning brands, suppliers, regulators and scientists.

The event will cater to the whole omega-3 supply chain, providing exclusive market, scientific, consumer and policy insights for supplement and functional food firms, ingredient suppliers and raw material providers, as well as being a platform for scientific debate.

With the likes of Blackmores Institute, GOED, BASF, Nature’s Farm, DSM, Gencor/Pharmako, National University of Singapore, Designs For Health, National Cancer Centre Japan, CSIRO and Omegametrix confirmed participants, this is a must-attend event for those involved in the business of omega-3 and the wider supplements and nutrition sector.


Networking is not only an opportunity that serves to personalise an individual’s event experience but now more than ever, networking events have become crucial to professional success for attendees.


All of our events can provide networking opportunities for attendees to engage and connect with other individuals, whether it be during the summit or at the evening reception.


Sharing knowledge and experience – Networking is ideal for expanding your knowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others.

In addition to the potential of increasing your business, you can often find solutions to your own business needs, our roundtable lunches and networking lunch allow you to share insights with fellow delegates

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